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3 Reasons to Visit a SMART Certified Dentist for Amalgam Filling Removal

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2023-01-30

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A SMART certified dentist is a dental professional who has undergone extensive training to safely and effectively remove amalgam dental fillings that contain mercury. Traditionally, these types of fillings were most commonly administered due to their strength and affordability. However, over the years, evidence has shown that mercury produces dangerous toxins that can harm both the oral cavity and the entire body.

Because of these risks, many individuals are choosing to have these fillings removed and replaced with a safer option. However, what many may not realize is that it takes a special SMART certified dentist to perform this procedure. SMART certified dentists practice holistic dentistry, which focuses on the connection between the body and mouth.

3 Reasons to choose a SMART certified dentist for amalgam filling removal

Outlined below are a few reasons to visit a SMART certified dentist when needing amalgam or mercury-based fillings removed.

1. Expertise

When individuals are considering the removal of amalgam fillings, it is a great idea to visit a SMART certified dentist. They are experts at removing amalgam dental fillings due to the additional education they get. They undergo extensive training to learn how to master the safe removal of this dangerous material. Additionally, SMART certified dentists are required to pass a test that proves their ability to efficiently and safely perform the procedure.

2. Safety

Another reason to visit a SMART certified dentist is to ensure safety. All dentists are capable of removing and replacing dental fillings, however, when it comes to amalgam and mercury-based fillings, the expertise of a SMART certified dentist ensures that the procedure is done safely and properly.

Having dental fillings of any material removed can be a worrisome procedure, especially in the case of amalgam fillings when the risk is so high. Knowing that it is being performed safely can help ease anxieties and fears.

3. Preparation

Because SMART certified dentists undergo extensive training on the removal of amalgam fillings, they are more prepared for complications. Placing a dental filling is a relatively easy procedure, however, removing them is not done nearly as often. With that being said, there is a risk that complications will occur. It can be difficult to get the entire filling removed in one piece. Oftentimes, the filing breaks into fragments, requiring multiple steps to get it out. Because of this, it is best to visit a SMART certified dentist for the procedure. They are prepared for these complications, which means there is less of a chance of mistakes. Additionally, the procedure may not take as long since a SMART certified dentist knows what to expect.

Visit a SMART certified dentist

When considering having mercury-based or amalgam fillings removed, it is best to consult with a SMART certified dentist. Any questions or concerns can be addressed, and an evaluation can be done in order to determine the next step. Reach out to our office today to find out more or to get started with a consultation appointment.

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