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Benefits of Mercury Free Fillings

Posted by Wellbeing Dentistry 2023-03-22

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Wondering if you should get mercury free fillings? Dental fillings—of which there are several different types—are necessary when a dental patient has a cavity. Mercury free fillings are popular, as they contain no traces of metal.

The body and mouth connection

Many people choose mercury free fillings because they are safer than many other dental filling choices. Both holistic and natural dentists tend to place a large focus on offering filling options to their patients that do not contain any mercury. It is a good idea for dental patients to be wary of what they are putting in their mouths to repair their teeth, as there is evidence of a direct connection between the health of one's mouth and the health of one's body. Mercury fillings can continuously release mercury that will be absorbed by the body.

Mercury free fillings benefits

The obvious benefit of choosing mercury free fillings is that they do not contain any metals, which can be harmful to one's mouth and overall general health. Below is a list that contains some additional benefits of choosing fillings that do not contain mercury.

They do not change shape

Many dental patients do not realize that metal fillings can change shape when exposed to very cold or very hot temperatures. This change in shape can potentially cause additional problems in the treated tooth. Fillings that do not contain any mercury will not change shape. This means that when an experienced dentist installs a mercury free filling, it will stay in the exact shape it needs to be in order to protect the tooth.

They are designed to be cosmetically pleasing

Mercury free fillings are made using a special tooth-colored dental resin. Dental patients who choose this filling option can get dental fillings that blend in with the rest of their teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable. Instead of using metals that can be seen when used to fill a cavity, tooth-colored resin fillings use a composite of biocompatible acrylic and particles that are similar to quartz. Both of these materials are both safe and cosmetically pleasing.

They offer patients protection against oral bacteria

A third benefit that comes with choosing a tooth-colored resin filling to treat a cavity is that it helps protect a patient's tooth from the oral bacteria that can actually worsen the condition of the tooth. When a dentist places a resin filling in a patient's tooth, they will securely bond the material to the tooth structure. This creates a very tight seal in the tooth that will prevent any oral bacteria to enter the tooth and jeopardize its overall health.

Bottom line

Are mercury free fillings the right choice for you? Holistic and natural dentists are dentists who focus on treating patients while keeping the connection between the body and the mouth in mind. Since mercury can potentially cause dental patients to experience health-related problems, many patients are looking into mercury free filling options. Mercury free fillings are especially important for patients who are already living with other health problems.

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