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Reasons to Consider Biologic Dentistry

Posted by Wellbeing Dentistry 2023-04-05

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In biologic dentistry, it is common to hear that the health of the mouth is connected to the health of the rest of the body. Because our mouths are the gateway to the entire body, having a healthy mouth can help to reduce sickness or infection. On the other hand, an infected mouth is more likely to to spread that same illness throughout the entire body rapidly. While all dentists aim to help their patients achieve excellent dental health, the biologic dentistry approach is different from traditional dentistry. However, we believe that those small changes in such practices can make a big difference in one's overall health.

Understanding biologic dentistry

The goals of traditional dentistry and biologic dentistry are both to keep patient's mouths happy and healthy. However, just as important is to make sure that the procedures keep the teeth looking and functioning as natural as possible. Some of the critical differences are about the approach to dentistry. While conventional dentists might treat the immediate issue, the biologic dentistry approach seeks to understand the root causes of the problem. If a dental disease is present, a biologic dentist is not just interested in the visible issues, but they want to know what caused it. This additional investigative step can lead to better overall health and less pain or sickness for their patients. Long-term the health of the mouth is intended to be in better shape. 

The background of biologic dentistry

The field of dentistry has constantly been evolving and improving over time. In the 1970s, a group of dentists started to consider ways in which dentistry could take the entire body into account within their field of practice. Because they already understood the interconnectedness of the body, it was not hard to realize that some issues could be resolved. Since their initial work, biologic dentistry has gained popularity and merit among dentists, making it a popular practice. 

Looking at the differences

While biologic dentistry might sound like a great overall approach, it is crucial to know how biologic dentistry is different. Biologic dentists have a different approach when it comes to simple procedures like fillings. While many dentists utilize various types of metal in their fillings, biologic dentists understand that metals also contain harmful chemicals. Instead of putting those chemicals into the mouth and teeth, biologic dentists look for safe materials, like composites.

Additionally, biologic dentistry also studies root canals, fluoride treatments, degenerative disease, and improvements to protocols or treatments. While it might seem overwhelming to keep up with all the latest trends in biological or holistic dentistry, you can rest easy knowing that we do all of the work ourselves. Instead, it is vital to have a conversation with the dentist about any concerns regarding traditional dentistry practices. If the dentist understands those concerns and can discuss their belief in biologic dentistry, then potential or existing patients can rest assured that they are in good hands. 

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