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Holistic preventive care is the approach to oral care that focuses on a person’s health as a whole, instead of treating their oral health as a single part. Rather than isolate the problem specifically, the dentist will consider the person’s general wellbeing to develop a custom treatment plan for them. The mouth is the major point of entry for everything that enters the body, including the elements in an unhealthy mouth.

With preventive care and collaborative approach to oral health, our dentist will ensure that the patient is fully healthy, instead of just treating the ailment. We will also help ensure you receive the care you need to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. This treatment can involve a variety of services and methods.

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Overview of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry conforms to the principle that the teeth, jaw, gums, and mouth are systematically connected to the rest of the body. The principle focuses on the notion that oral health has a direct impact on a person’s overall health. During treatment (whether reactive or preventive), the dentist will focus on the person as an entity instead of resolving the symptoms present in the mouth. This means the dentist not just focusing on parts of the oral cavity alone, but also the patient’s medical history.

Several scientific evidence is available to prove that oral issues, including gum disease and oral infections, can contribute to the risks of some systemic health diseases such as heart disease. There is also proof that some dental materials used years ago may have adverse repercussions on other parts of the body. Poor oral health also contributes to mental health issues such as depression. It can significantly impact intimacy, social interaction, and self-esteem.

The family and cosmetic dentist will focus on restoring balance to the whole body through multiple conventional procedures offered in regular dentistry. The significant difference is that dentists who practice holistic preventive care opt for a conservative approach to treatment over invasive surgeries and procedures. The dentist will sometimes correct chewing dysfunction and optimize jaw and facial bone structure to avert other issues.

The Importance of Holistic Preventive Care

Some studies have shown that heart attack victims sometimes have gum disease too. The same plaque found in the arteries is the same one present on the teeth and gums. Also, people with gum disease have issues with regulating their blood sugar, and up to 95 percent of patients with diabetes have gum disease.

Cases of premature and low birth weight can be linked to gum disease. Also, patients with respiratory infections may have trouble breathing if their oral health is compromised.

Holistic Preventive Care Services

Some of the services provided under holistic preventive care include:

Dental checkups and dental cleaning

We typically recommend that patients visit the dental office for regular checkups and dental cleaning to prevent oral conditions such as gum disease, plaque build-up, damaged teeth (which would require extensive dental restoration procedures), and maintain good oral health. If the dentist discovers gum diseases, they will provide periodontal treatment to correct the condition. Deep dental cleaning can remove the presence of plaques on the teeth and prevent (or reverse) tooth cavities and gum disease.

There is power in at-home oral hygiene and education. The dentist will teach their patients how to maintain good oral hygiene and the importance of a healthy diet to ensure healthy gums and teeth. Proper nutrition plays an important role in preventing and reversing progressive oral issues. Holistic preventive care also understands the importance of providing dental treatments while considering their effects over the long-term.

Dental Implants

If a patient suffers tooth loss, a dental bridge may be considered, but this option is not ideal because other natural teeth will be permanently modified by the process. Dental implants, on the other hand, is an excellent way to replace a lost tooth without negative impact on the other teeth. Also, one of the long-term benefits is that it reduces the risk of jawbone loss and gum recession over the years. With dental implants, patients can get the full functionality of their smiles and restore their confidence.


Bite issues tend to cause a physical disruption, and therefore, the dentist will focus on prevention and treatment. With Invisalign treatment, the dentist can resolve crooked teeth, malocclusion, or a bad bite. This can help to improve sleep quality and alleviate migraines caused by TMJ disorders, earaches, shoulder, or neck pain.

Biocompatible Materials

As part of the dentist’s focus on systemic health, they will only choose materials that are compatible with the human body to remove the risks of introducing toxins into the human body. Therefore, where there is amalgam filling, the dentist will replace them with metal-free, amalgam-free dental fillings. The composite resin used for tooth fillings is BPA-free.

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Essentially, holistic preventive care entails providing additional care and committing to patients through regular dental checkups. The dentist will use advanced techniques to detect oral conditions early and prevent different diseases and oral-health related conditions before they happen. Every procedure in this aspect of dentistry focuses on developing tailored treatment plans and improving the patient’s quality of life.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between holistic preventive care and traditional dentistry?

Holistic preventive care is distinct because it addresses the whole body instead of just the mouth. The approach focuses on helping patients achieve a healthy smile through general dental and cosmetic procedures that are beneficial for their overall health.

What does a holistic approach mean?

A holistic approach to preventive care means that the dentist will request more information about the patient’s general wellbeing and medical history. The dentist will use the information to develop a custom and effective treatment plan. The treatment options that we consider will reduce the patient’s exposure to toxins and ensure that they get adequate nutrients from foods – not just to maintain their teeth but contribute to general body health.

Why is preventive care beneficial?

Going for preventive care that addresses the cause of the ailment and improves body health is beneficial. There is a link between oral health and overall health. Since the oral cavity is not an independent structure, any illness that can potentially affect (or caused by) other organs and tissues of the body is promptly detected and treated.

What diseases or ailments are linked to poor oral hygiene?

Some of the conditions that relate to deteriorating oral health include heart disease and stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, respiratory infections, pregnancy complications, and Alzheimer’s disease. The link is mostly related to the bacteria or microorganisms responsible for oral diseases and the body’s inflammatory response.

How is cosmetic dentistry related to holistic care?

An unattractive smile can put people at a significant disadvantage and affect their self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening are vital parts of holistic care as they aim to strengthen the link between the body and the person’s mind. This could also mean fitting patients with Invisalign and restoring a lost tooth with dental implants.

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