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Holistic Dentistry in Santa Clara, CA

Holistic dentistry looks at the patient’s health as a whole instead of simply treating the symptoms a patient is experiencing at a given moment. It aims to restore not only oral health but also support the health of the mind and body. At Well Being Dentistry, our holistic dentists also educate patients on how they can maintain their oral and overall health and wellness.

Holistic dentistry focuses on all aspects of a person’s well-being, including physical health, mental health, and emotional health, not only the health of the mouth. Our holistic dentists will consider these factors when developing a treatment plan for each patient.

It is well known that dental health is closely connected to one’s overall health. For example, patients who have diabetes or who are prone to infections because of certain medications or health issues should talk to a holistic dentist about the best ways to take care of their mouths without negatively affecting other aspects of their health.

Many patients visit our holistic dentists because they want to not only address their oral health but also improve their overall health and well-being. By visiting a holistic dentist regularly, patients can maintain their long-term dental health and improve their physical health and mental wellness. 

What Makes Holistic Dentistry Different?

Holistic dentistry is based on the idea that oral health is impacted by the health of your body and mind and vice versa. Therefore, holistic dentistry treatments focus on both your teeth and gums and your overall health, treating the root cause instead of the symptoms. 

Holistic dentists are committed to using biocompatible materials for dental procedures and natural remedies as treatment options. This means no amalgam fillings, metal crowns, or toxic whiteners. Instead, holistic procedures use safer materials for the environment and the body.

For example, at Well Being Dentistry, we use composite fillings made from tooth-colored resin that match the natural color of your teeth instead of traditional fillings that may contain mercury. Composite fillings are a natural-looking restoration that is safe for your body. 

The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Fewer Dental Emergencies

By closely monitoring your oral health, our dentist can catch problems before they become dangerous and costly. This can improve your smile’s appearance and help you avoid the need for emergency root canals or tooth extractions.

Natural Approach

Our dentists use safe and effective biocompatible materials to provide treatment for oral health issues and recommend natural remedies where possible. The goal of this approach is to restore the balance of your entire body and overall health. 

Improved Oral and Overall Health

Our holistic dentistry approach means we will not only treat your immediate symptoms but provide comprehensive treatment for long-term oral health. This will also help ensure your overall health since oral and overall health are closely connected. 

To learn more about holistic dental care and how it can benefit you, visit Well Being Dentistry at 3993 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA, 95051, or call (408) 244-0590.

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