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iTero Scanner

No more gooey impression materials to make you gag! This new way of scanning our patient’s teeth is a great and easy way to assess any of orthodontic needs or simply to capture the digital model of patient’s teeth and gums to see changes over time.

It can take as little as 5 minutes or less to scan the whole mouth without any discomfort. Our patients love it!

Fotona Lightwalker Dual wave length laser unit

Fotona Lightwalker Dual wave length laser unit for minimally invasive Dentistry and advanced gum treatment.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray: allows minimum radiation to patients yet offers superb clarity of images at instant speed

Digital Nitrous Oxide unit

Digital Nitrous Oxide unit: for conscious sedation to offer relaxation during dental treatment.

PRF centrifuge system

PRF centrifuge system: for most natural and effective way of regenerating gum and bone, we use patient’s own blood cells to make platelet rich fibrin.

I cat CBCT image machine

I cat CBCT image machine: allows 3D image in cone beam computerized tomography to aid with accurate diagnosis and enhance precision in treatment.


Miele, the top of the line disinfecting instrument washer with powerful sterilizer ovens: deliver all our infection control at the highest standard in industry.

Swiss made powerful Air Purifiers

Swiss made powerful Air Purifiers: ensure the air qualities in our treatment rooms to be as clean as possible.

Patient watching TV from dental chair

Every treatment room offers HD TV mounted on the ceiling to help you relax while receiving a treatment. No more needing to hear a drill sound and getting nervous but with us, you can enjoy your favorite show or a movie during your dental visit!

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