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Benefits of Visiting a Biological Dentist

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2023-02-21

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A biologic dentist treats the whole person rather than just dealing with oral health concerns. When compared to a traditional dentist, visiting a biological dentist offers unique benefits. It is helpful to become more familiar with the advantages a biological dentist can offer to determine if visiting one if right for you. 

Reasons to consider biological dentistry

Everyone who decides to visit a biological dentist has their own reasons for doing so, but there are more common reasons why a biological dentist may be more beneficial. The following are four notable benefits of visiting a biological dentist to consider when making your decision. 

Improves overall health

The main difference between a biological dentist and a traditional one is that a biological dentist is more concerned with overall health. In the treatment process, they will examine the patient’s medical history, lifestyle and diet to find ways to improve oral health. A biological dentist operates with the understanding that oral health and body health are interconnected, and long-term prevention of oral health concerns begins with improving one’s lifestyle, diet, etc. 

Biocompatible materials

Biocompatible means the material is safe and react well with body tissue. Some common materials used by general dentists are less biocompatible and safe, such as amalgam and mercury. Biological dentists are opposed to these materials, and they most often choose safer materials to use. Additionally, biological dentists may even offer metal filling removal and replace it with a safer filling material. For patients who are afraid of an adverse reaction to common dental materials, a biological dentist provides an interesting alternative. 

Less invasive treatment

The term biological dentist and minimally invasive dentist are often connected. This is because biological dentists typically choose the least invasive treatment methods, focusing more on the prevention of oral health concerns rather than treating the issue once symptoms worsen. For example, biological dentists may only use root canal therapy as a last resort, siding with less invasive treatment options whenever possible. 

This is a great benefit for patients who deal with dental anxiety or simply would rather avoid the dentist than go through an invasive procedure. Also, because less invasive methods are used, the recovery time is typically shorter as well. 

Focuses on prevention

Too many traditional dentists treat an oral health concern after it develops, whereas biological dentists look at lifestyle and dietary and general health factors to determine the best way to prevent oral health concerns from developing in the first place. This instills trust between the patient and the dentist and keeps the cost of dental services down as much as possible, as the goal is to avoid invasive and expensive procedures. 

Schedule a consultation with a biological dentist

You can learn more about a biological dentist by contacting our dental team today. We are happy to arrange a consultation visit for you to come in to discuss the treatment processes and answer any questions you may have. We believe in safe, effective and minimally invasive treatments that give patients the best experience possible.

Request an appointment here: or call Well Being Dentistry at (408) 244-0590 for an appointment in our Santa Clara office.

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