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Dental Tongue Tie Treatment Details

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2023-02-01

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Dental tongue tie often fixes itself on its own, but more severe cases may continue as the child grows older. When this occurs, dental tongue tie treatment is likely required. The good news is that a biological dentist can treat dental tongue tie effectively and in the least invasive way possible. 

A review of dental tongue tie treatment

Treatments for dental tongue tie vary based on the preferred approach of the individual dentist. Most commonly, a minor surgical procedure to remove the connective tissue that is tying the tongue is necessary, and choosing the right dentist can ensure the procedure is minimally invasive. 

How is tongue tie defined?

Tongue tie is a condition that affects newborns in which the tip of the tongue is attached, or “tied,” to the bottom of the mouth. This makes it more challenging for the child to speak, eat, breastfeed and perform other tasks. Many grow out of their tongue tie over time, others require dental tongue tie treatment to deal with the condition. Dentists can diagnose and treat tongue tie. 

What is laser maxillary labial frenectomy?

Dental tongue tie treatment commonly involves a frenectomy, also called a maxillary labial frenectomy, which is designed to remove the connective tissue underneath the tongue. In traditional dentistry practices, this may involve using dental tools and instruments, although there are a few traditional dentists who utilize laser therapy to perform a frenectomy. Many consider laser treatment to be just as effective and less invasive than traditional methods. It is an in-office procedure with a high success rate that has a relatively short recovery time. 

When is tongue tie treatment necessary?

Tongue tie treatment is necessary if the issue does not resolve on its own. In many instances, the connective tissue will loosen naturally. However, many require a surgical procedure known as a frenectomy. Although it is a surgical procedure, it is safe and has a very high rate of success. A minimally invasive dentist may choose to utilize laser dentistry rather than traditional methods to loosen and remove the tissue that causes the dental tongue tie. This is considered by most to be less invasive, and it produces similar results when compared with traditional methods. 

Who performs dental tongue tie treatment?

A dentist can perform dental tongue tie treatment if it is necessary. A biological dentist may wait to see if the tongue tie impedes function or poses health concerns for the child. Since many cases of tongue tie improve on their own, this may save the child the experience of a minor surgical procedure. If treatment is necessary, a biological dentist can safely and effectively perform a frenectomy in the least invasive way possible.  

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