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Metal Filling Removal from a Biological Dentist

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2023-02-07

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Most biological dentists recommend removing metal fillings and replacing them with a different and healthier material, such as a composite filling. If you have a metal filling and are considering having it removed, it is helpful to learn about how mercury can be dangerous and what the benefits of removal are to make the most informed decision possible. 

Biological dentists and metal filling removals

A biological dentist, also called a holistic dentist, can perform metal filling removal in the least invasive manner possible. It is a safe procedure that offers a range of long-term benefits by limiting the risks that amalgam fillings have. The following is an overview of metal filling removal from a biological dentist. 

What is metal filling removal?

Metal filling removal is a fairly common dental procedure that involves stripping a tooth of an amalgam filling to prevent a build up of mercury in the body’s system. It is typically replaced with a composite filling that has fewer known long-term risks. A metal filling removal is a safe and minimally invasive procedure that only takes one dental visit and lasts no longer than a couple of hours. 

Why is mercury dangerous?

Many dentist have traditionally used amalgam (liquid mercury and a type of metal alloy) due to its strength and tooth-colored appearance. However, as more studies are conducted, the long-term health risks mercury presents is problematic.

Throughout each day, a small amount of mercury from amalgam fillings is released into the body. This can increase the risk of mercury poisoning, which could lead to headaches, kidney problems, respiratory issues and other concerns. Some studies suggest it can contribute to brain damage over enough time, and pregnant women are at increased risk of complications with their pregnancy if mercury poisoning occurs. 

What are the benefits of a metal filling removal?

A metal filling removal can have a positive impact on long-term health, and it can reduce the risk of health concerns developing. The filling is replaced with a composite resin material that offers a natural appearance and is strong enough to endure pressure from chewing each day. The most notable benefit, however, is the removal of potentially toxic mercury. 

Can a biological dentist remove a metal filling?

The best way to determine if metal filling removal is right for you is to consult with a biological dentist to learn about how it can benefit you specifically. Most biological dentists are trained and educated about how to remove metal fillings and properly replace them with composite or another safe alternative material. Additionally, visiting a biological dentist to have a cavity filled can ensure you are not recieve a metal filling to begin with. 

Contact a biological dentist today

You can get in touch with our biological dentistry team today to learn more about metal filling removal. We can also arrange a consultation visit so you can determine if metal filling removal is right for you. We believe in treating patients in a holistic manner, and we utilize the safest and least invasive treatment procedures possible.

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