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Reasons to Visit a Natural and Holistic Dentist

Posted by Wellbeing Dentistry 2023-03-14

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A holistic dentist can help you achieve long-term health for your teeth. This type of dentist takes a “whole body” approach to tooth care. This involves treating the problem, not just the symptoms. Choosing a holistic dentist can help your teeth stay intact for longer. It can also give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

Providing non-invasive treatments

A holistic dentist works to provide modern treatments that are not invasive. This type of dentist considers the entire well-being of a patient. This can help patients avoid painful, long procedures. A holistic dentist can still use tools such as dental implants, same-day crowns, 3-D X-rays and laser treatments.

Using more natural materials

In traditional dentistry, the dentist will often use harmful materials such as amalgam or mercury fillings. The mercury and other toxic materials can negatively affect other parts of a patient’s health. However, a holistic dentist can use materials that are compatible with an individual’s biology. This can prevent the treatment from having dangerous effects.

One example of this is amalgam fillings. For more than 2,000 years, people have known that it is not safe. Yet, many dentists continue to use it. The good news is that there are alternatives available. A holistic dentist may choose composite resin fillings, which are better for the teeth.

Treating the whole person

Creating a treatment plan for the whole body can produce better results for an individual. The holistic dentist can take into account the needs of the patient for a customized treatment plan. Getting to know patients can allow a dentist to provide a level of individualized care. Traditional dentists do not look at a person’s entire health from different angles. However, a holistic dentist will look beyond a patient’s symptoms.

Finding the root of the dental issues can help dentists treat the issues so they do not come back again. Even emotional health is important when it comes to diagnosing dental problems. A holistic dentist can empower a patient to prevent dental issues. This can help a patient have healthy gums and teeth.

Long-lasting results after treatment

Having damaged, crooked or missing teeth can make a patient feel self-conscious. This can also affect a patient’s quality of life. However, fixing the teeth to look beautiful will not last if the teeth do not work right. By taking a balanced approach through holistic dentistry, the dentist will consider both function and appearance.

For example, patients can get teeth-whitening treatments from this type of dentist. The dentist can give advice on what types of foods and beverages to avoid. This will help patients maintain lasting results. It can also prevent other issues.

Visit a holistic dentist today

When you visit a holistic dentist, you are taking the first step toward having a healthy mouth. The mouth and the rest of your body are all connected. Having a healthy mouth will give you a beautiful smile. But it can also reduce your likelihood of getting different health conditions.

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