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The Benefits of Removing Existing Dental Mercury Amalgam Fillings [Holistic Dentistry]

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2023-02-18

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Holistic dentistry has made many advances in recent years. One of these advances allows patients to have a different filling material than the traditional amalgam. If you had a tooth filled in the past, you most likely have this filling that contains mercury. The good news is that today’s alternatives are often tooth-colored. No one will be able to tell that you have a filling.

Danger of amalgam fillings

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), half of an amalgam filling is mercury. Tin, copper and silver make up the other half. Because these fillings have so much mercury, they can present a danger to patients. The fillings can release small amounts of mercury that is then inhaled. The lungs gradually begin to absorb the mercury. This can cause kidney and brain problems.

Benefits of removing amalgam fillings

The danger of amalgam fillings prompts many people interested in holistic dentistry to remove them. However, another benefit of modern fillings is that they can last longer. Older amalgam fillings may begin to loosen after a period of time. The metal can wear down and become damaged. This can be a good time for patients to replace them.

Another benefit of replacing amalgam fillings is that it can provide patients with a more attractive smile. Amalgam fillings appear dark in the mouth. These fillings can make patients feel self-conscious when smiling, eating or just talking. However, tooth-colored fillings are nearly invisible.

Metal fillings are not as good for the tooth’s structure as newer, holistic dentistry fillings are. Metal fillings place an outward pressure on the tooth, pushing it apart. This can weaken the structure of the tooth over the years. At some point, a patient may need a crown to fix the tooth. However, a newer filling can strengthen the tooth by pulling the tooth inward.

What are amalgam fillings replaced with?

Today’s fillings are usually made of tooth-colored composite resin. It is called a composite because it has a few ingredients, primarily glass and plastic. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite resin does not contain potentially harmful chemicals. It also bonds easily to the teeth. This means that a dentist will not need to remove as much tooth to place the new filling.

To remove an amalgam filling, a holistic dentistry practice will take measures to protect the patient. This can include using an aerosol system to quickly remove the pieces from the patient’s mouth. The patient may also receive a filtration device to prevent inhalation of any mercury. Keeping the filling cool during removal can reduce the likelihood of harmful mercury vapors being released.

Choose holistic dentistry today

There are many benefits to replacing your old fillings. The health benefits are just one of the perks. From a brighter smile to stronger teeth, composite resin fillings can help. If you are interested in replacing your old fillings, then contacting a holistic dentistry practice is your first step.

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