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Tongue Tie Therapy from a Holistic Dentist

Posted by Wellbeing Dentistry 2023-04-03

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Tongue tie therapy is necessary whenever an individual suffers from tongue tie, which is excess tissue in the oral cavity—medically known as frenulum. The excess tissues can make it difficult to eat, smile, speak and even sleep. Over time, these problems can become worse and worse, which is why tongue tie therapy is so essential. 

Traditionally, tongue tie therapy is performed by an oral surgeon or a certified general dentist using a scalpel. However, more and more individuals are beginning to explore holistic dentistry, as the practices and methods are safer, less invasive and are better for the entire body. Tongue tie therapy, in particular, is one procedure that can be performed holistically and offers far more benefits than drawbacks. 

How a holistic dentist performs tongue tie therapy

Below is an overview of tongue tie therapy, including what it is, how it works and the role a holistic dentist plays in the procedure. This information can be helpful to review when considering different treatment routes.

Understanding how tongue tie therapy works

Tongue tie is often noticed in children at a young age, as it is easily detectable. With that being said, it is highly recommended to have treatment done as quickly as possible. The longer treatment is delayed, the more time the tissue has to grow and develop. Once the tissue is fully developed, it may be difficult to stick the tongue out at all, resulting in trouble eating, swallowing, speaking and even sleeping. When the tongue is enlarged or excessive in size, it can limit the airway, which can lead to sleep apnea. 

Tongue tie therapy in holistic dentistry is performed with a CO2 laser, which is minimally invasive, as it relies on a wavelength to perform the job with precision and maximum comfort. Laser technology ensures a precise cut, which ensures that there are no mistakes and that the cut lines are clean. The excess tissue can be quickly removed with little to no bleeding, as the laser cauterizes as it cuts. Once the excess tissues have been removed, the tongue can heal separately from the bottom of the oral cavity, thus allowing for proper eating, speaking, smiling and sleeping. 

The role of a holistic dentist

A holistic dentist plays a key role in tongue tie therapy. They are known to offer this treatment because their approach is gentle, minimally-invasive and ensures that the entire body remains healthy throughout the process. This method for performing treatment is favorable as it reduces pain, which then leads to quicker recovery times and less dysfunction while healing. 

Find out more about tongue tie therapy

When looking to learn more about tongue tie therapy and how it is performed, it can be helpful to consult directly with a holistic dentist. Any questions or concerns can be appropriately addressed, and an evaluation can be done in order to determine the necessary course of action. Reach out today to find out more or to get started with a consultation appointment. 

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