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Recommended Books

  • Tongue-Tied
  • JAWS
  • Myobrace Book
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    Recommended Products

    Products that promote nasal airway opening:

    • Mute - flexible plastic inserts for the nose that enlarge the air passage
    • Somnifix or other oral tape is a good way to promote nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing in sleep

    Mouth breathing causes the drying of saliva, leading to cavity formation and hardening plaque buildup causing gum inflammation. To sum up, mouth breathing is an unhealthy way of getting air into our lungs and it is essential for our health to restore nasal breathing capability during sleep.

    Nasal breathing helpers

    Just like cleaning your mouth is important, the nasal airway and nose can also be well cleaned using Sinus Rinse and decongested using Nose Spray like Xlear, purely Xylitol-based without any chemicals. If you have a flat nose, Breathe Right can help open the nasal airway during sleep to help with better airflow.

    Opalescence Whitening products

    From in-office whitening to custom-made trays for at-home use to premade trays to put on while you're on the go, there are various ways of whitening your teeth safely and without damaging the enamel layer.

    MI Paste is pleasantly flavored mousse applied onto the teeth after brushing and left on for 30 minutes to protect teeth from cavities and sensitivity - for daily application.

    Exclusively from SomnoMed®, SomTabs Oral Device Cleaning Tablets help keep SomnoDent devices, dentures, mouthguards, and most other oral appliance products in pristine condition. They kill 99% of germs and odor-causing bacteria. And SomTabs are the first and only appliance cleaning tablets that do not contain sodium perborate. 96 cleaning tablets are contained in one box.

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