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Dental Fillings : What is the SMART Amalgam Removal Technique?

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2023-01-29

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Recently, dentists have adopted the SMART Amalgam Removal technique, which is used for people who have metal dental fillings. There was a time in dentistry where dental fillings were only made of metal materials that contained mercury, which has been proven to be somewhat harmful to the patient, as well as the dental team who works on the patient’s mouth. 

SMART Amalgam Removal of mercury-based fillings is quite important for people who have dental fillings containing mercury. Although the presence of mercury isn’t deadly, it is definitely not good for the mouth or others to be in contact with it.

In this article, we discuss the SMART Amalgam Removal technique. If you have dental fillings that contain mercury, you may find this information to be useful. It is always good to check with your dentist about the type of dental fillings you have just to be safe.

Dental fillings: what to know about the SMART Amalgam Removal technique

Read on to find out more about this dental technique that is helping patients to have better overall health.

What is SMART Amalgam Removal?

This technique is being done by more and more dentist offices as a way to remove the chance of mercury poisoning. During the procedure, the dentist will remove the amalgam filling in multiple chunks. The amalgam filling will be sectioned off into pieces so that they can be removed individually and safely.

What is involved in the procedure?

The SMART Amalgam Removal procedure will involve a lot of safety protocols to ensure that neither the patients nor the dentists are put in harm's way from the mercury fumes. The patient will be closed off using barriers to protect them during the procedure. The dental team will also wear full-body suits to protect themselves from the fumes.

While the amalgam filling is removed in pieces, the dentists will use suction and a lot of cool water to dilute the mercury fumes. Three different suctions are used to collect saliva and amalgam bits, while also filtering the room to ensure that the mercury fumes don’t stay around.

The patient will wear an oxygen mask during the SMART Amalgam Removal to ensure that the body is regulating the fumes that go in and out. The oxygen mask will also minimize any mercury fumes and amalgam particles from entering the body.

The importance of SMART Amalgam Removal

Removing dental fillings that are made of amalgam is important because they contain almost 50% mercury, which can be detrimental to a person’s health. This procedure will ensure that the patient is able to achieve good oral and overall health. Without the SMART Amalgam Removal of these dental fillings, one is putting their body at risk. Mercury can do irreparable damage, so it is best to consider the procedure.

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