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Holistic Dentistry – Alternative Dentistry Treatments FAQs

Posted by Wellbeing Dentistry 2023-03-29

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When concerned about using harmful metals or chemicals in a current dental plan, it may be time to consider holistic dentistry. While all dentists aim to help treat their patients and their conditions, holistic dentistry has taken their approach a step further. Some people believe that holistic dentists must be practicing a lesser or more rudimentary form of dentistry. However, this is untrue. Holistic dentistry often requires dentists to utilize the most revolutionary and advanced procedures available on the market.

How did holistic dentistry get started?

We all know that many medical professionals have gained more knowledge and effective treatment practices as time goes on. However, as part of the ongoing study of dentistry, it is easy to recognize that not all dental procedures were a good idea. For example, many dental fillings have utilized metals to help seal off a tooth. In recent years, further study of those materials has recognized that we have been putting some harmful chemicals into our bodies as part of a treatment. Metals contain a variety of things that can harm patients. These even include mercury! Additionally, new studies show that even fluoride treatments have harmful elements and may cause problems. 

As a response to using potentially harmful dental techniques, holistic dentistry was created.

What is holistic dentistry? 

Holistic dentistry attempts to use safe, effective, and natural remedies as treatment options. Additionally, holistic dentistry understands that dental health should go beyond the mouth. Poor dental health can lead to poor overall health. Holistic dentists also recognize that infections or dental issues may have an underlying cause extending beyond the mouth. This means that they will further investigate issues to find and treat the root cause.

Are holistic dentists genuine dentists? 

Holistic dentists are still required to have a dental degree and a valid dental license to practice. They may have a specific area of emphasis but are often general dentists that help treat cavities, gum disease, or other oral issues. However, rather than prescribe traditional medicines, they try to utilize natural care and treatments first.

What kinds of issues does a holistic dentist care for? 

While they focus on and care for traditional oral issues, they also focus on issues like changing nutrition, homeopathy, healing spiritually, and using things like lasers for temporomandibular problems.

Does holistic dentistry mean that I get less care? 

Some people believe that the holistic approach means that their care will be subpar or not as comprehensive. However, the inverse of this is true. The holistic approach suggests that the dentist should take one's entire health and lifestyle into account as part of their treatment approach. One example in dentistry is the use of fillings. While holistic dentistry recognizes that metal fillings can contain harmful materials, it does not mean that you do not get a cavity filled. Instead, the holistic approach uses products that are not harmful. This also applies to the metal amalgams that are used for dental implants.

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