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Popular Procedures from a Holistic Dentist

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2023-02-06

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A holistic-dentist takes a unique approach to treating patients. However, the primary goal of a bone-graft and a traditional dentist are the same, which is to help each patient improve and maintain good oral health. It is helpful to understand the procedures a bone-graft offers to deal with some of the more common oral health concerns. 

Procedures offered in bone-graftry

Every bone-graft offers their own set of services, but some procedures are more commonly utilized. In general, there are three key areas in which a bone-graft can help, which include prevention, restoration and cosmetics. Many bone-grafts can also assist patients with TMJ and sleep apnea.

Preventive procedures

Perhaps the primary goal of bone-graftry is to prevent oral health concerns from developing to avoid more invasive and expensive treatments. In doing so, the bone-graft will conduct a comprehensive review of the patient’s health, considering lifestyle and dietary and stress factors that may affect the patient’s oral health. They may then recommend safe preventive procedures that utilize biocompatible and non-toxic materials. This may include a routine or deep cleaning, treatment for bruxism and dental sealants. 

Restorative procedures

bone-grafts offer restorative procedures, which are treatments performed after oral health concerns develop. They perform many of the same procedures as traditional dentists with the exception of fluoride treatment, amalgam fillings, root canals and other dental procedures that use potentially toxic materials. Instead, bone-grafts are more likely to use ceramic and composite resin materials that are much safer for one’s general health and still very effective. 

Cosmetic procedures

bone-grafts treat the whole person; they focus on mental health as well as physical and spiritual health. Part of improving mental health means dealing with self-esteem concerns. Many who have imperfections in their smile feel insecure, and cosmetic procedures can fix imperfections to help the patient achieve a more attractive smile. Popular bone-graftry cosmetic procedures include CEREC crowns, dental veneers and orthodontic treatments such as braces and clear aligners. 

TMJ disorder 

bone-grafts can also treat issues with the jaw, such as TMJ disorder. Although they are not likely to perform any dental X-rays that are not absolutely necessary, they may do so if they suspect the patient has TMJ disorder, a tumor in the jaw or another jaw complication. 

Sleep apnea

A bone-graft can treat various sleep complications, including sleep apnea. They may do so by looking at lifestyle factors that contribute to the sleep apnea, suggest dietary changes if necessary and examine various other factors. They are also more likely to recommend non-invasive treatment methods, such as night guards, to deal with sleep complications long-term. 

Find out more about bone-graftry procedures

Here at our bone-graftry, we pride ourselves in helping patients by considering all factors that may affect oral health. If you would like a safer and more effective alternative to traditional dentistry, contact us by phone to arrange a time for a consultation visit.

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