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WBD stand on the Root Canal Therapy vs Extraction of the infected tooth.

Posted by Well Being Dentistry 2024-05-10

Root Canal Therapy vs Extraction
When the nerve of the tooth gets damaged through caries(“cavities”) or a trauma from an accident, or a long term stress from clenching and grinding, you may come down  with bacterial infection within the core of the tooth called pulp which is composed of blood vessels and sensory nerves. Often this process will be accompanied with symptoms such as temperature sensitivity or tenderness on biting or swelling but sometimes, the nerve within the tooth may die gradually and quietly without any symptoms. Although asymptotic, dead tooth may cause abscess in the future and needs attention proactively.
In 1838, the first modern root canal therapy was performed to “save the tooth “ structure by taking the nerve out instead of pulling it. Since then, the root canal therapy has been performed for almost two centuries “saving” teeth which appeared to be less invasive and preferred since the missing tooth may cause immediate esthetic and functional issues. However recently, it has started to receive bad reputation as the possible cause of many chronic illness that are mysterious in origin such as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders.
Many researches show the evidence of remaining infection due to limitation to completely remove all the bacterial colony and infected nerve tissues with conventional Root canal therapy and it is widely speculated that these remaining bacteria may lead to developing chronic inflammation in our body and autoimmune disease.
Moreover, the Traditional  Chinese Medicine, which has a history of 3000 years, provides the Meridian Chart of teeth showing the relationship of each tooth to different organs in our body highlighting the importance of oral health and showcasing its significant connections to our wellness.
These days, many holistic patients with concern on this will come to us wishing to get their tooth pulled rather than going through a root canal therapy. 
However, we need to also understand the consequence of losing a tooth can lead to inability to chew well effecting our nutritional health and may cause dementia or early loss of memories as the researches indicate.
Having said all this, at WellBeing Dentistry, our team stand on a ground of customized care for you based on the informed decision you make.
If you’re not ready to get your tooth to go as yet, we use the latest technology of laser and ozone unit to eradicate bacterial colony and remove infection as much as possible and restore with resin to stay minimally invasive.
If you choose to rather extract the tooth to avoid any other related health issues now, we ensure the complete removal of the tooth, diseased tissue and ligaments surrounding the tooth for proper healing of jaw bone using Laser, Ozone and Platelet Rich Fibrin from your own blood. Once the bone heals, we offer ceramic implant to replace a missing tooth if you’re concerned with metal in your mouth.
We acknowledge that just like we are all different in terms of our appearance and personality traits, the way our immune system works and the level of sensitivity on the dental materials also vary from an individual to an individual. Not even identical twins have identical development.
In conclusion, for all decision making, there are risks and benefits; therefore, we need to assess them carefully with a long term projection on what is right for you.
Whatever decision you make based on all the informations you have, our dedicated team at WBD are here to care for you, not dictating one over the other.

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